What is Hand Block Printing?

What is Hand Block Printing? 7 Reasons that make it Relevant even Today

Block Printing is one of the finest types of Textile Printing. It is a traditional technique of adding design and color to the fabric.

Block Printing is one of the finest types of Textile Printing. It is a traditional technique of adding design and color to the fabric.Hand Block Printing is a dedicated method wherein designs are engraved in wooden blocks and imprinted on fabrics. Block Printing is considered to be the simplest and most sustainable textile printing method. Even though it requires a lot of patience and can be time-consuming, it still ranges high amongst the most preferred techniques.

The Origin of Block Printing

Block Printing is believed to have its origin in China as early as the 3rd Century. Later on, it spread as a diversified art in Asian and Middle Eastern Countries

In the current era, traces of Block Printing can be found throughout the world. In India, Block printing art gained massive popularity during the Mughal reign.

What Keeps Block Print Still in Demand?

Despite being an ancient printing method, the block-printed fabrics have made their way to our wardrobes. From Fashionistas to the masses, block prints are treasured across the globe. Here’s why this primeval tradition is meant to stay.

Versatile Collection

Patterns and designs diversify from different regions with their explicit uniqueness, like the Ajrakh from Gujarat, Dabu, Sanganeri, Bagru, Sikar, Shikawat, etc. from Rajasthan, Bagh from Madhya Pradesh, and so on. Each of these variations has an enormous collection of motifs and patterns with utilities across Garments, Interior, Accessories, etc.

Suits All Occasions

A block-print garment can complement well for almost any occasion. Whether it’s a casual day, an office workday, or a fancy wedding event, a block print outfit is bound to set you up.

Fashion with Comfort

Block printed fabrics give you the best of both worlds. You can select from amongst a variety of breezy and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen & silk. From Sarees & Dresses to Shirts & Kurtas you can enjoy the luxury of comfort while making a style statement.

Effortless accessorizing

An effortless and minimal accessory can instantly amp up your look. Block-printed garments are easy to accessorize. For instance, you can add oxidized silver jewelry to your block printed outfit and give a bohemian vibe to your look.

Gender-neutral fashion

Block printed fabrics are equally adorned by men & women as a result of a myriad of designs & patterns.

Men also have a variety of block-printed breezy shirts carrying a dash of traditional yet crisp vibe.

Intriguing Motifs & Bright Colors

Block print patterns are made across a variety of appealing motifs ranging from floral and nature-inspired, geometric and vintage, to even motifs of animals and birds like elephants, peacocks, etc.

The fabrics portray a dazzle of vibrant and neutral colors and shades to choose from.

Ancient cultural inheritance

Block printing in India is not just a Textile Printing Technique, it is savored and preserved as an art. This ancient printing method has been passed on through generations and has been kept alive by thousands of artisans who depend on it for their living

From Traditional to Contemporary, Block Printing art has a dominant role in the Textile & Fashion industries and is here to stay for the long run.

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