Interior Design Courses

Top-Rated Interior Design Courses in Ahmedabad for 2024

Interior design is a creative field that requires one to use theoretical and practical knowledge to create highly functional and visually appealing living spaces. An interior designer uses designing concepts and elements to create out-of-the-box designs. So, if you are considering becoming an interior designer, many top institutions in Ahmedabad offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some of the top-rated design courses in Ahmedabad are offered by Rathore University. We offer various short-term and long-term interior design courses that you can apply for after the 10th or 12th. Let’s dive deep into the different courses you can consider to become an interior designer.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a science and art that aims to enhance the interior of a living or working space. The core focus of interior design is to make the space more livable and comfortable. Interior design is a broad spectrum covering a wide range of disciplines, from planning to creating beautiful homes and workplaces while making the most of an area.

Everything You Need to Know About the Interior Design Course in Ahmedabad

The Interior Design Course in Ahmedabad at Rathore University is specially designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become professional interior designers. Our courses stand out for their comprehensive curriculum, practical approach, and industry-relevant training. The course equips students with an understanding of different interior design styles and other specific techniques and methods.

The Course Covers the Following Aspects:

  • Fundamentals of Design
  • History of Interior Design
  • Elements of Design
  • Craft Study & Making
  • Interior Material & Budgeting
  • Spatial Organization and Vastushastra
  • Basics of Building Structure & Detail Representation
  • Project Photography & Interior Styling
  • Residential Furniture & Material Sourcing
  • Computer-Aided Design

In a country like India, where countless people are moving to urban areas from villages, the demand for interior designers is continuously growing. Rathore University offers various long-term and short-term diploma and certificate courses. The best thing is that you can pursue interior Design Courses after 10th. So, as soon as you finish your SSC, you can pursue your dream of becoming an Interior designer. The course curriculum is designed according to India’s latest design trends and global interior design trends. Our highly experienced teaching faculty guides and trains students to collaboratively work alongside architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers. They work together to design and build beautiful, functional, and safe spaces for the inhabitants.

Different Interior Designing Courses

  • Diploma in Interior Design (Two years):
  • Our two-year interior design program aims to polish creative skills and equip students with practical and theoretical knowledge. Our exclusive course curriculum is designed to empower students to convert their ideas into reality and create aesthetically pleasing homes. The course covers various design concepts, computer-aided design, portfolio development, and brand development.

  • Certificate in Interior Design ( One year):
  • The certificate course focuses on design principles and how to apply them in residential and commercial spaces. Our hands-on curriculum equips students to analyze a space and come up with a creative idea. It helps them make the best use of materials, space, and colour. Students are also exposed to the business side of interior design, like pricing, marketing, and client management. This is one of the best interior design courses after 12th grade for students to pursue.

  • Other Short-Term Courses:
  • We also offer short-term courses for students and individuals who want to polish and upgrade their skills. These include 6 months and 3 months, and specialized AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, and Google Sketch-up programs.

At Rathore University, our student-centric approach and perspective are why students chose our institute to pursue interior design. Understanding our students’ different needs, we offer an interior design online course for students who cannot attend regular classes. With our online course, you can study in the comfort of your home and at your own pace and schedule.

Join Rathore University to Pursue Interior Design

Our courses are designed to cater to the growing demands of the interior design sector. Our core focus lies in equipping students with specialized skills and knowledge to thrive in the design industry. The exclusive curriculum is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. After completing the course, we help students with placement at top design firms to make a successful career. So, whether you are a design enthusiast or want to pursue interior design, join Rathore University. For admission details, call us today.