Top Fashion Design Institutes

Top Fashion Design Institutes in Ahmedabad: Rankings and Reviews

Were you looking for the top fashion design institute in Ahmedabad? We’ve got covered! Ahmedabad is the home to the best fashion design institute in India, offering various courses to students who want to pursue a career in the fashion industry. With rich cultural heritage and local fashion inspiration, Ahmedabad is the best place to pursue a fashion design course. Students learn different fashion disciplines like fabric science, garment construction, fashion draping, fashion illustration & foundation, styling principles, sketching, fashion history, and more. In this article, we explore the top fashion design institutions in Ahmedabad, as well as their ranking and reviews, to help you make an informed decision.

Why Pursue a Fashion Design Course in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is one of the best cities in India for pursuing fashion design. The bustling and hustling city is the perfect inspiration for fashion aspirants. The city comprises many acclaimed fashion design institutions like Rathore University, NIFT, National Institution of Design (NID), CEPT University, Khyati School of Design, and the United World Institute of Design. The Fashion design institute in Ahmedabad offers various programs such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma’s and certificate courses in fashion design. The curriculum aims to provide students hands-on design experience through creative projects, fashion shows, and internships at fashion houses and labels.

How to Choose the Best Fashion Design College in Ahmedabad?

When it comes to enrolling in the best fashion design college in Ahmedabad, there are some factors that you need to consider.

  • Reputation and expertise of the fashion institute
  • Experience in teaching faculty
  • Curriculum of coursework
  • Practical training and internship
  • Portfolio development
  • Fashion design course fees & expenses

Top 6 Fashion Design Institutes in Ahmedabad

Rank 1: Rathore University

Rathore University is one of the best fashion design institutes in Ahmedabad, offering students quality education and hands-on experience. Established in 2005, Rathore University has helped thousands of students realize their dreams and become successful designers. Rathore University is pioneering in fashion education with a core focus on developing industry-relevant skills and emphasizing polishing creativity. The fashion institute also offers Fashion design course online that give students flexibility and convenience to study in the comfort of their homes.

Rank 2: Khyati School of Fashion

This is another renowned fashion institute with highly experienced faculty members, an exclusive curriculum, well-equipped labs, and designing studio. Khyati School of Fashion offers an exclusive curriculum covering fabric science, fashion design history, fashion marketing, industry training, theme design, traditional textiles, and other related disciplines. The institute also offers other courses like fashion & costume design, lifestyle accessory design, textile design, visual communication, and interior & furniture.

Rank 3: GLS Institute of Design

GLS is one of the most prestigious fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad. The institute offers various fashion design programs. GLS is acclaimed for its world-class facilities, highly experienced faculty, modern infrastructure, and exclusive curriculum. GLS Institute offers a range of B.Des and M.Des courses across different specializations. The coursework covers various technical and practical aspects of fashion design to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of fashion work.

Rank 4: Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD)

INIFD is one of the top fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad. The institute offers various fashion design courses, such as Master’s, Bachelor’s, Diploma, and Certificate programs. The curriculum covers disciplines like fashion foundation, textile fundamentals, fashion figure drawing, drafting and pattern making, textiles, embroidery, and computer-aided drawing. INIFD also offers other specialized courses like textile design, interior design, jewelry design, and accessory design.

Rank 5: National Institute of Design (NID)

NID is the best institute for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fashion design and other related disciplines. The fashion institute also offers various professional diplomas and certificates in fashion design. The selection process at NID is based on qualifying marks in the NID entrance exam. The teaching faculty at NID have years of rich experience in fashion design and equips students with knowledge of textiles, fashion fundamentals, market trends and much more.

Rank 6: Silver Oak University

Silver Oak University is one of the top 6 fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad. The institute offers various fashion design courses to equip students with comprehensive training and skills needed in the fashion industry. Their highly experienced faculty equips students with the knowledge and practical insights into the latest fashion and apparel trends.


These are some of the top fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad that you can consider if you are planning to pursue fashion design. Rathore University is one of the best fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad. Our exclusive curriculum aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed in the dynamic fashion industry. Call us today to learn more about fashion design programs and fee details.