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Pantone’s Original Creation-Color of the Year 2022-Very Peri

Fashion Communication

For 23 Years, the Pantone Color Institute tepas been glorifying Color of the Year that influences the Global Trends of Product Development, Marketing & Branding across industries.

In December2021,VeryPeri17-3839 was crowned as the Pantone Color of the Year 2022.

Close lyres ambling Periwinkle, the Very Peri shade is the perfect
combination of Blue with a Violet Redundant one to it .It is the first time in over 2 decades that Pantone has created a new color for the honor.

Inspiration Behind Color of the Year

Throughout the year, the company analyzes & studies the various Color Trends and begins the thoughtful for easting during late spring. Since the on set of Pandemic, the influence of colors in the hues of Blue and Green is reflected immensely in Interior & Lifestyle purchases. These color evoke soul-soothing experience reconnecting with Nature.

Leatrice Eisenman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute, believes that the creation of Very Peri is the inception of a novel perspective that shall instill calm & confidence as we continue to strive in unprecedented times. It is the fusion of a Blue hue that pacifies the soul and the violet under tone that encourages dynamism.

How can you add very Periinto your Life Style?

Very Peri being a quite similar shade to Periwinkle, it can be integrated into regular life style Atanas. The color add spark of creativity and courage to the vibe.


The color can be beautifully adorned in your wardrobe and can instant lye perk you up. You can in clued basic Bag, Scarf, pair of Sunglasses, Cardigan ,Hat ,or even Hair Tie in the shade.


You can add the color, Very Peri, in your Cosmetics too and add that touch of glam to your look. You can wear it as eye-shadow or get a gorgeous manicure in the shade.

Home Decor

You can change the aesthetic of your interiors and add a spark of current trends with Very Peri. The shade can complement well with Cushion Covers, Mattresses, Rugs, Flowervases, etc. You can create vibe with LED Lights and Candles in this delightful periwinkle-like shade.

Personal Accesssories

The shade can make a statement by adding color to your life style accessories. You can use the shade for a mobile cover, Earphones, Face Mask, Wallet, Diary, etc. for a minimal yet trendy impression.

How do Brands in Corporate Color of the year?

Globally, the brands looking for color inspect, wait for the reveal of Pantone Color of the Year and try to align their Marketing Collaterals and Branding themes. The color influences the graphics, production, packaging, social media, and design themes in a wide spectrum of areas like the Art & Entertainment Industry, Media, Fashion & Interior, Travel Cultures, etc.

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