One Year Fashion Design Programme

At Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS)- one of the best design institutes in India, imparting quality and comprehensive education to aspiring designers; we offer professional certification courses in Fashion Design and Fashion Design with Accessories. Fashion Design is one of the most desired professions in the world today. It is all about the process of creating/constructing an innovative outfit with beautiful combinations of color, texture, design, fabric, and ornamentation. At BRDS, we inspire students to open their wings of creativity and build a successful career in Fashion Design. We have unique and creative approach to integrate strong conceptualization and a business skill essential to work as a fashion designer. Our exclusive curriculum, practical and technical approach teaches them how to convert their ideas into reality to create fashion garments. The course will cover knowledge of designing, stitching, computer aided design, portfolio development and brand development. We offer the course in different durations; 2 years / 1 year / 6 months and 3 months courses with 1 month free foundation program.


Foundation – Basic Fashion Figure


Fashion Illustration – Rendering with different color mediums


Design Concepts – Elements & Principles of Design


Design Concepts – Dressing according to Body Types


Design Collection – Design Process – Theme & Color Palette

Design Collections form an integral part of the curriculum as this provides students with the complete know- how of fashion design by making theme based garment collections in various categories like bridal wear, Evening wear, etc. By doing so they can realize their forte and work further on it in future.

Women’s Wear Collection, Kids Wear Collection, Men’s Wear Collection, Design Concept, Design Process, Layout Design, Elements & Principles of Design, Colour Theory, Colour Analysis and Study of Colour Schemes, Design Collection ( Evening Wear ), Design Collection ( Punjabi Dress ), Design Collection ( Top & Jeans), Design Collection (Bridal Wear)


Indian Traditional Textiles

India is a land of diversities, especially in terms of textiles. As a responsible fashion designer, students need to have knowledge of Indian textiles and appreciate and uplift their value with their unique designs. Indian Traditional Textiles, Fabric Study, Study of Indian/ World costumes, Basic Marketing Studies, Fashion Art Workshop.


Fabric Study – Study of Fabric types and Weaves


Embroidery & Surface Ornamentation

Students will learn how to hand embroider basic stitches which they can later manipulate and create detailed and complex patterns for their garment designs.


Fashion Draping

Draping is another way of creating garment designs where students will directly drape the fabric onto a draping mannequin and pin it to form different and experimental patterns. This is a very important aspect to learn to be a successful fashion designer.


Textile Printing – Types of Textile Printing & Block Print Design Collection


Computer Aided Design

In order to keep in pace with the ongoing working techniques of the fashion industry, Computer aided designing is a must for all designers. Computer Aided Fashion Designing.


Trends and Forecasts

Fashion Industry has an ever changing nature; it will never be the same. New Fashion and trends are always a demand here. Students will get knowledge of how to forecast the upcoming trends in fashion and use them in their collections so they create designs which are at par with market. Fashion Forecasting, Trend Analysis.


Fashion +

Along with core fashion subjects, it is important to have basic knowledge of related fields which will enhance the outcome of their work. Fashion Photography, Fashion Footwear, Fashion Jewellery.


Design Workshops

As they say, “In order to learn, understand and see how it’s done, Do It yourself”, these design workshops are designed for students in order to provide them with utmost practical knowledge in their field. This is the actual learning phase as they will learn how to practically understand, design and create products. Textile Printing Workshop, Block Print Workshop, Natural Dye Workshop, Hand Embroidery Workshop, Embroidery Placements, Surface Ornamentation.


Field Visits

“All learning does not happen inside four walls”. Student are taken to industries, design workshops for them to be aware of the latest technologies of production, they are also taken to visit Textile heritage museums and other such places to make them realize and appreciate the history of fashion and textiles. Field visits to Manufacturing Units, Export Houses, Boutiques etc


Portfolio & Business Development

Portfolio development is an essential step for every designer as it showcases your talent in the most creative manner. Along with that, students will also be given fundamental knowledge of the marketing and business development. This will help create their own brand in future. Fashion Portfolio, Marketing and Business Development.