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Applied Jewelry Design: Admissions, Scope, and Top Colleges in 2023

Jewelry design is a form of art that combines creativity and technical skills. It has been a symbol of culture and expression for centuries. Applied jewellery design has grown in popularity over the past few years. Aspiring jewelry designers now seek formal education to improve their skills. This blog explores the criteria for admission, the top colleges, and the scope of the applied jewelry design course in 2023.

Criteria for Eligibility

There are some common requirements for applying Jewellry Design Courses after 12th. These may differ between institutions, but they all have the same basic eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must typically have passed their 10+2 examination or equivalent from a recognized board. Some courses require an art or design background.
  • Admission to applied jewelry design courses is not usually restricted by age. All age groups can pursue their passion for this field.

Admission Process

Admissions to applied for jewelry design programs often include the following steps.

  • Entrance Exams:

Many reputable institutes conduct an entrance exam to test a candidate’s aptitude in jewellery design. These tests may include a handwritten exam, a practical test, and an interview. The National Institute of Fashion Technology’s (NIFT) entry exam and the Common Entrance Examination for Design(CEED) are two of the most well-known entrance exams for jewellery design. You can visit the official websites for Jewellry Design Institute.

  • Portfolio Submission:

Often, candidates are required to submit their portfolios of creative work. This may include sketches or drawings of Jewelry they designed and photographs. A strong portfolio can significantly improve your chances of being admitted.

  • Interviews:

Short-listed candidates may be asked to attend a personal interview or counselling session. This is done to determine their level of passion and knowledge in the jewellery design field.

Top Colleges for Applied Jewelry Design

In India, several prestigious institutions offer courses on applied jewelry design. Here are some of the best:

  • Rathore University

This a leading institute that offers Jewellry Design Course in Ahmedabad and jewellery design programs, including diplomas and certificates. It collaborates with leaders in the industry and offers hands-on training.

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology

NIFT provides a Bachelor of Design degree (B.Des.). The institute offers a Jewelry Design program at all of its campuses in India. The school is renowned for its extensive curriculum and modern facilities.

  • National Institute of Design

NID offers Bachelor of Design degrees (B.Des.). The Ahmedabad campus offers a Jewelry and Metalcraft program. NID’s design courses are renowned, as is its experienced faculty.

  • Indian Institute of Jewelry

IIJ provides a variety of jewellery design programs, including diplomas and certificates. It collaborates with leaders in the industry and offers hands-on training.

Scope in Jewelry Designing in 2023

Jewellery designers will have a bright future in 2023. Here’s why:

  • The demand for custom-made Jewelry and unique pieces is growing. As people increasingly seek out handcrafted, personalized pieces, opportunities for jewelry designers are increasing.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures – Jewellry Design Online Course gives students the skills and knowledge to launch their own jewellery businesses. With the rise of e-commerce, selling and marketing custom jewellery to a worldwide audience is easier.
  • Job Opportunities: Graduates may find work with established jewelry designers, fashion houses, and jewelry manufacturers. They can be jewelry designers, production managers, or design consultants.
  • Sustainability in Jewelry is on the rise. High demand is for jewelry designers who use eco-friendly practices and materials.
  • International Exposure: Due to globalization, Indian jewelers can exhibit their work in international exhibitions and collaborate with global brands.


Applied jewelry design offers a unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship. A course in jewelry design can lead to exciting career opportunities in an ever-changing industry. To make the most out of the career opportunities in 2023, apply for a jewelry design course at Rathore University to build a solid portfolio and live your dream job that you love and are passionate about. Get in touch with Rathore University for more information.

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