Fashion Communication

Fashion Communication

Communicating in Style

Fashion Designing is one of the top most glamorous industries in the World. The Fashion Industry is dynamically expanding its horizons globally in terms of inspirations, trends & cultural fusions. With an increasing influence of global fashion trends, there is a hefty competition that comes followed by an array of international opportunities & challenges..

Designers in the field have an exposure to a diversified spectrum of Artists, Celebrities, Models, High-end clients, etc.. Making a mark into such a competitive and high potential market has its own challenges that certainly can’t be overlooked.

As a designer, every individual has skills, a knowledge base & inspiration which is reflected through the uniqueness & finesse in their work, yet to create a dominant presence in this industry, one needs to have a strong personality & fluent interpersonal skills. In a world where your personality can make or break your career, communication & presentation skills are the legit keys to success.

What Can Make You Stand Out As A Designer?


One can make the most out of opportunities with right communication and can create multiple opportunities with Networking skills.

Image Building & Self Presentation

The way you carry yourself does say a lot about you. A strong image directly influences the impact you create.


Professional Étiquettes can help you create a personal brand and can attract clients and associates towards your work.

Interview Skills

Excellent opportunities can be grabbed when you have mastered the art of cracking interviews.


Communicating on digital platforms may it be on Social Media or on Emails, is the modern day skill that needs to be excelled.

Fashion Communication Workshop At Brds

Aspiring designers at Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS), are given a thorough exposure to develop themselves not just into Designing but in every sphere of life. Recently, there was a Fashion Communication Workshop with the Professional Softskills Trainer Ms. Meghna Khatri held at BRDS Campus.

Students were trained into all the above mentioned areas as Communication & Networking Skills, Image Management, Etiquettes, Impressions, Interview Skills and much more.

Students indulged in two days of an immensely interactive training consisting of Audio-Visual Presentations, Activities and Quiz Rounds. Such workshops induce confidence & make the aspiring Fashion Designers stand out of the crowd.

To learn more about Fashion Designing and how to make it big in the Fashion World, enroll for the Professional Fashion Design Courses at BRDS. Get trained exclusively from Industry Experts & give your career a creative start.