Exploring Fashion Design Courses: Full-time vs. Part-time Options

The fashion world needs the perfect blend of technical knowledge and creativity. The fashion designing industry is developing rapidly and offers endless opportunities to aspiring fashion designers. If you are considering a career in fashion design, you have two primary options, viz. opting for a full-time course (Degree program) or a part-time course (diploma certificate program or online courses).

The degree course is a long-term course that usually lasts 3 to 4 years. The Diploma in Fashion Design is a short-term and more focused program ranging from 3 months to 6 months to one year. In this blog, we will discuss full-time and part-time courses and which program best suits students.

Different Types of Fashion Design Courses

There are different ways you can pursue formal education in fashion. Below are different types of courses you can choose from:

  • Full-Time Courses

The full-time programs are traditional courses like degree programs and post-graduation courses. Students attend lectures and answer exams on campus. Many students choose full-time courses that are precise and full-fledged, in-detailed studies of fashion.

  • Part-time Courses

These courses are short-term programs where students can choose subjects and batches conveniently. It is best for students who are working full-time and can attend only on weekdays or evenings.

  • Distance Programs

These programs are designed with students who cannot attend courses on campus in mind. Students can pursue formal in the comfort of their homes. The lectures, coursework and assignments are through online via live or pre-recorded lectures.

Rathore University is an esteemed Fashion Designing Institute in Ahmedabad that offers various long-term and short-term fashion design courses. We also offer online fashion design courses for students who cannot attend regular classroom programs. The program curriculum includes fashion illustration, history, textiles, garment construction, and more.

When it comes to selecting between a Diploma and a Degree program, it can be a tough choice. It is commonly believed that full-time courses equip students with in-depth knowledge and help people get jobs. However, a critical matter of concern is the uncertainty of time invested; this is why a diploma course can be a good option. Creativity and passion are crucial elements when it comes to the fashion design world. A diploma program can equip you with the skills and knowledge to create beautiful apparel. The curriculum aims to teach technical skills like garment construction, sewing, pattern making, colour theory, and design principles. So, if you have completed the 10 or 12th class and have a passion for fashion, pursuing a Diploma or certificate program is a fantastic way to start your career.

Why Pursue a Diploma Course in Fashion Design?

The Diploma program provides a solid foundation for candidates who want to develop essential skills and gain real industry insights. It allows students to gain practical experience and develop valuable connections in the fashion world. After completion, students acquire practical skills and a strong foundation and build a portfolio that displays creativity and technical abilities. At Rathore University, we conduct an annual fashion show that allows students to display their creativity and skills through stunning outfits. We hold design workshops that offer students practical knowledge and the ability to understand, design, and create out-of-the-box creations. After completing the course, we help students with job placements at leading fashion houses and labels.

The Part-time Fashion Design Courses Offer Students Many Benefits:

  • Time and Cost

One of the main advantages of short-term programs is that they take less time and cost less than a degree course. If you are passionate and have an eye for creativity, you can enroll at the best Fashion Design Institute right after the 10th or 12th class.

  • Industry-relevant Skills

It offers a more focused curriculum compared to that of a full-time course. You are equipped with strong foundational and technical skills. These skills and knowledge make your portfolio strong and attract potential employers.

  • Flexibility

The best thing about part-time programs is that students can choose their area of specialization in terms of timing, interests and modules that cover the areas they love and are passionate about.

  • Small Classes Sizes

It consists of smaller class sizes, which means students get more personalized attention from the teaching staff. These programs are the best for students who prefer a more individual learning experience.

  • Practical Learning


Part-time is a good option for students who are looking to pursue a career in fashion with industry-relevant skills, a focused curriculum, flexibility, entrepreneurial skills, and practical learning opportunities. It offers a valuable and comprehensive education at a lower cost in a short span of time. To embark on this journey, unleash creativity and equip yourself with knowledge and skills to thrive in the competitive world of fashion. To learn more about the fashion design course, call Rathore University today.