Career Opportunities for Interior Designers

Career Opportunities for Interior Designers

Today, with the ever-growing digitalization and expanding horizons of the Indian educational system, some unique career options have taken over. Interior designing is one of them. Interior designing as a profession has changed significantly, offering skilled individuals a thrilling career. It offers professional scope abroad, right from freelancing landscape design, and film set design; the possibilities are endless. Students have many career opportunities to choose from after completing interior design courses. In this blog, we explore the different career opportunities for interior designers to help you make informed decisions. 

Scope of Interior Design in India 

Nowadays homes and workspaces are more than just structures. These buildings reflect people’s ideologies, perspectives and visions. Every person, whether a small flat or a massive bungalow, wants interiors that represent their vision and align with their needs. This is when the job of an interior steps in. An interior designer brings alive the client’s vision and makes the space more functional and aesthetically appealing. 

Over the years, people have moved from rural places to urban cities. This has given rise to the need for compact and highly functional homes and workspaces by making the best use of small spaces. The scope of interior design in India is expected to surge as cities are trying to accommodate more people in smaller spaces. The demand for interior designers is also going to rise. So, students who are looking for a career in a creative field can opt for interior design courses after 12th at top institutes. The sector of the interior sector is getting wider and redefined with new trends. 

Some Employment Areas for Interior Designers 

These are some fields that need the services of interior designers: 

  • Interior designing firms
  • Furniture Companies
  • Architectural firms 
  • Film & television production companies 
  • Healthcare section
  • Urban development sector
  • Construction firms
  • Event management firms
  • Business houses 

Top Career Opportunities for Interior Designers

Interior designing is one of the most popular career options in India. Interior designers help businesses and homeowners in organizing colors, themes, decorative pieces and furniture to make the space more functional and aesthetically attractive. The profession of interior design is full of new and exciting challenges, keeping one always on their toes. So, if you are looking to make a career in interior design, you can enroll at Rathore University, the best Interior Designing Institute in Ahmedabad. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on equipping students with skills and knowledge to thrive in this creative field. 

Best Career Options for Interior Designers

  • Interior Decorator: Interior designing is a broad field. The job of an interior decorator is to plan the layout and aesthetic of an interior project. They help residential and commercial clients decorate and plan their space with recommendations relating to color themes, lighting options, furniture and decor. 
  • Production Designer: Film & television needs the services of production designers to create films and TV sets. You get to work alongside the different production phases, including cinematography, camera, sound and lighting. 
  • Corporate Interior Designer: The job of a corporate designer is to design corporate office spaces. This can include redesigning or redecorating the existing office space. You are responsible for designing conference rooms, sitting areas, entrances, cafeterias, cabins and other office spaces. 
  • Kitchen Designer: As a kitchen designer, you are responsible for designing the dining area and improving the kitchen aesthetics. The Diploma in Interior Designing equips students with in-depth knowledge of color schemes, layout and working with different fixtures, lighting, plumbing and appliances. Interior designers collaboratively work with plumbers, electricians and architects to give clients their dream kitchen. 
  • Residential Interior Designer: Many interior designers start their interior designing careers with residential interior design. The job includes working with homeowner to transform their home into a space that aligns with their personalities and tastes. You need to use your knowledge of building codes and safety measures to ensure the safety of the homeowners and the property. 

Interior designing is an exciting and thrilling profession that comes with various challenges and opportunities that always keep you on your toes. It is a fulfilling and rewarding career. So, if you are looking to start a profession in interior design, you need to enroll in the best interior designing institute. Rathore University offers long-term and short-term interior designing courses. Our courses can be done after the 10th as well as the 12th. To know more about our courses, call us today. 

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