BRDS Bangkok – Fashion Design

10 Days & 14 Days Residential Programs


Why Study Fashion Design From Bangkok?

– Enhance your Learning Experience with Certified specialization Program in Fashion Design at BRDS Bangkok.
– Bangkok, being the capital of Street wear and a fashion hub of Luxury Brands, can create a vast learning field for students.
– Bangkok has more to offer to design students than anywhere in the world with its splendid Visual Merchandise over 80 malls, beautiful architecture, wonderful designs, night markets and elegantly designed luxury brand stores.
– Develop a strong Fashion Design portfolio.


Students Will Also Cover

Fashion Lookbooks | Fashion Styling | Streetwear Fashion Trends
Luxury Brands Fashion Trends | Catwalk trends | Market survey on Materials
Visual Display | Retail Merchandising | Photowalk


Learning Outcomes

– Learn about various aspects of Fashion Trends, Visual Display, Fashion Styling, and exposure to International & Street brands, Luxury Brand Study and much more.
– Practically experience the difference between luxury brands and street brands marketing.
– Get exposure to learn international fashion business and how you can benefit from the same.
– Visit TCDC and see actual fabric library and books in the only design Library of the world.
– Witness the royal wardrobes of queens at Queen SIrikit Museum of Textiles.


Career Prospects

– Make your career as a Fashion Designer, Fashion Retailer, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Stylist.


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