About Hostel

BRDS offers separate Paying Guest (PG) Hostel Facility for Boys & Girls (For all UG & PG Students). This Paying Guest (PG) Hostel facility is available for outstation students. The Paying Guest (PG) Hostel is located within 1 km near the BRDS institute. For further details related to accommodation, food, transportation, rent etc. please contact below mentioned person.

Hostel City Contact Person
Ahmedabad Mr. Sameer +91 9638761515 / +91 9978761515

Note: if the above mentioned mobile number is busy/switched-off/unavailable please call the landline number 079-40059909 to get hostel details.

Hostel Tariff / Rate Card
1 Month: Rs. 08,000 to 10,000 Approx