About Director

I graduated from NIFT Gandhinagar and was working for Arvind Mills as a fashion designer. One day, four neighborhood students keen to clear admission tests to NID and NIFT came to me and sought my guidance. I started teaching them and all of them managed to clear the entrance tests. Within in a few days, 20 more students enrolled with me with numbers increasing from there on. Along the way I realized I was making good progress from tuitions. I decided to make tuitions my full-time profession and today I have more than 5000 students across the country.

Ten years from now…
I see myself growing, both professionally and personally in the next 10 years. At present I have 30 centres across the country and want to start five to six new centres every year. I want to have 50 centres across India in the next 10 years. I wish to throw the net wider and open centres abroad, as well, to introduce students there to Indian design institutes. That way I would be able to put Indian designing prowess and skills on the international platform.

I think management is my strongest skill as I personally manage all the 30 centers myself. I design the course and provide it to the faculty.
There is no franchise or a third person involved in the working of these institutes. I make sure quality teaching is provided. I regularly visit all the centres along with key faculty members to ensure there is no compromise on the quality of teaching.